Sunday, February 28, 2016

South Carolina: An Utter Romp for Hillary...and a Consequential One As Well

Hillary Clinton won in absolutely epic style in the consequential South Carolina Democratic primary.  If Bernie Sanders “crushed” Hillary in New Hampshire by a 21-point margin, I find it daunting to come up with an appropriate adjective for Clinton’s 48-point win.  But I do know that this virtually seals Clinton’s nomination.

I will be back tomorrow night to explain that as part of my Super Tuesday predictions.  Suffice to say that the conclusion is analytically based, and is hard to refute.  South Carolina and its “First in the South” primary bodes incredibly well for Hillary in the South-dominated Super Tuesday races, and the math gets very tough for Bernie from there.

As predictions go, this one was decent.  We at BTRTN had Hillary whipping Bernie by a very large margin, 26 points – and I felt I was pushing it a bit versus the polls -- but the end outcome was so much more.  We are a perfect 8 out of 8 in predicting the winners in 2016, and are now off a mere 2.6 percentage points for each of the 39 candidate projections we have made in those eight races.

South Carolina (D)
BTRTN Prediction

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