Tuesday, September 27, 2016

According to Polls, Clinton Wins First Debate...and Wins Big

We have seen two statistically-based polls thus far, and the verdict is clear.  Hillary Clinton won the first debate in a romp.

CNN:  Clinton 67% - Trump 32%
Public Policy Polling (PPP):  Clinton 51% - Trump 40%

Next up will be Steve's take on the debate, coming here later today.

And then, what the presidential polls say over the coming week.  Stay tuned!


  1. No way Trump won fair and square Clinton Lost
    Big time. She did well about a D-
    and she sounded like a whiner. Her voice grates.

  2. How idiotic can you get? No one has electoral votes
    yet. Electors are chosen by the Ballots.
    We haven't even had a vote yet. This is all Hype.
    Projections only ergo guesses. Stupid stooges in
    pay to those with money. It's an outrage.

    1. Anonymous-the electoral votes are determined by population and are in place. Good Luck
      America !!!

  3. I give Clinton an F. She did horribly.


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