Sunday, November 4, 2018

BTRTN: This Is Not America

This piece was written by R. Daniel Foster, Jane Gardner, and Joe Rodriguez of Americans for the Dream, and it features an amazing video titled “This is Not America.”  Here is their message and a link to the video – please help spread it around via email and social media

Donald Trump is an aberration in our national story.  He is not America.  Our greatest Presidents have been about uniting us all and appealing to our better angels.  At our best, we stand for the American Dream for ourselves and for the world.   

The Democratic candidates are smartly focusing on healthcare/pre-existing conditions, what the people have said is most important to them.  But there is also the bigger story of what America stands for.

Three days ago, we decided to tell that story. What is happening now under Trump is not America.  We want to remind people to vote not only for healthcare, but for the values that Americans of both parties have long cherished and defended.  

This is an inclusive message to independent voters, moderate Republicans and Democrats, and people who are bothered by Donald Trump’s behavior. 

Our hope is that this one-minute message would go viral and, in the last days before the election, remind our country of its highest ideals and what is at stake.  This is not simply a rational policy message, which the Democrats tend towards, but an emotional appeal to what matters most about America, our values and ideals, and that we have to vote to get them back. 

Our creative strategy is to use the haunting David Bowie song, “This is Not America,” while showing the fear and violence stoked by Trump, transition to the dream of what America has been and can be again, and close with a call to action to vote for the dream. 

If you agree with this message, please post it on social media and share with your networks as soon as possible.

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