Tuesday, November 5, 2019

BTRTN Election Day Reader Poll -- Very Short, About 2020

Hello Readers, and Happy Election Day!
It's time to take your 2020 temperature -- to ask you, our readers, a few simple questions about how you think things are going to turn out one year from today.  Your responses, of course, will be held in complete confidence. 
Here are the questions:
1)     Who do you think will be the Republican nominee for president?   (PREDICTION, not PREFERENCE.)

2)    Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee for president?  (PREDICTION, not PREFERENCE)

3)     Who do you think will win the presidency, between these two candidates?

4)     As of today, who do you WANT to be the Democratic Party nominee?  (PREFERENCE)
Please email your response to us at borntorunthenumbers@gmail.com.

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