Thursday, June 28, 2012

I called this one! ObamaCare upheld (June 28, 2012)

Here is what I said just three days ago (see my June 25, 2012 post) and before then as well:
I believe I've said this before in a prior post, so I am already on the record in my belief that the Court will not touch the law.  I don't think John Roberts wants this to be his legacy, and invite parallels with FDR antagonist Chief Justice Hughes, or make the court a campaign issue in the fall.  I think he'll find a way to get Justice Kennedy to decide to leave the mandate and the entire law alone, and then side with the majority in a 6-3 opinion. 

I did get it wrong on the vote count....
it was 5-4 with Roberts in the majority as the swing vote, but not Kennedy....


  1. Very good prediction! And very good outcome of course!

  2. This prediction was far more than a lucky guess. Tom lives and breathes this stuff and in addition to all his data crunching, he has a good command of history and of what motivates people.

    My stomach roiled as I listened to Mitch McConnell after the decision was announced, but for today, we can celebrate.

  3. The Chief Justice got it right, by piercing through the WH nonsense about the Commerce Clause.

    It's just another tax, to fund another entitlement, feed the wasteful Washington bureaucracy, increase employer costs, bolster public unions, stifle individual rights, and erode our competitiveness.

    Oh, and who is going to pay for this? Our kids (higher taxes brought by Democrats - an easy call Tom) and us (there won't be any Medicare for the 50-65 group due to spending cuts, reimbursement reductions to fund this entitlement).

  4. The Affordable Health Care Act may indeed be another form of entitlement, but I don't see those in opposition complaining about Medicare or Social Security. They, too, are entitlements and we all seem to want them to stay. As for paying for this, not all of our tax burden is brought to us by Democrats. Our kids will be paying for two wars for quite some time, some with their dollars and others, most of whom are on the lower rungs of society, with their lives. And if the Republicans get their way, our kids will pay with higher interest rates on student loans as well. Let's be honest, yes, the Affordable Health Care Act is a tax but there are far greater culprits in mortgaging our kids' futures.


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