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BTRTN's Complete List of Every Outrage Committed By Donald Trump Since His Inaugural

Tom reminds us of every single one of them, for a reason.

Donald Trump has made many outrageous statements and enacted many ill-conceived policies, to be sure.  The resulting controversies are often unintentional, the product of poor planning and off the cuff blurting.  Exhibit A might be Trump’s disastrous performance at the Helsinki press conference. 

Image result for trump outrageBut others are calculated – designed by Trump to distract, to move us off one controversy by introducing another.  A good example is Trump's idea of revoking the security clearances of a number of former national security leaders who have criticized his presidency.  And sure enough, we took the bait, watching dutifully as the media followed Trump, changing the topic from the extremely serious Helsinki aftershocks to the petty but perhaps less consequential clearances.

And when this happens, we leave subjects that should have been pursued more relentlessly.  Latter day Woodwards and Bernsteins jump to the next crisis, rather than chasing down the last one.  And we, the citizens of this country, forget these horrors as they overwhelm us – even those of us who oppose Trump vehemently.  What agreements did Trump actually make in Helsinki with Putin?  What happened to those separated immigrant children?  Why was sexual harasser Bill Shine allowed to be hired by the White House?  Can we go back, please, before we move on?

We've compiled a list of, in our view, every significant outrageous event that has occurred since the Trump Inaugural in January, 2017.  The list is meant to include unique events, so it does not repeat statements (“enemy of the state,” “fake news”).  Yes, it includes some of Trump's more egregious lies.  But, more importantly, it is a reminder of the outrages that may have been lost in the fog.   

Jan 2017
Trumps claims Inaugural attendance largest in history despite obvious contrary visual  evidence 

Trump claims that 3-5 million illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton, thus he lost popular vote

Kellyanne Conway introduces notion of "alternative facts"

The first Travel Ban issued without any involvement from relevant government departments

Trump berates Australian Prime Minister during first call on refugee deal with U.S.

Trump fires Sally Yates for refusing to support Travel Ban

Steve Bannon named to National Security Council in an unprecedented move
Feb 2017
Trump fires his ill-advised choice for Nat'l Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, after only 24 days

Priebus asks FBI to "knock down" NY Times story on Trump campaign/Russia links

Trump first uses term "Fake News" in tweet:  "any negative polls are fake news"

Trump withdraws Labor Secretary nominee Pudzer when ex-wife accuses him of abuse

Trump rescinds Obama protections of transgender bathroom rights

Trump calls the media the "enemy of the people" for the first time

Trump rips judge who halted Travel Ban; the judge was a Bush appointee

Trump nominates Gorsuch to replace Scalia; McConnell refused to consider Obama nominee
Mar 2017
Trump says "nobody knew healh care could be so complicated" after failure of "repeal/replace"

Trump accuses Barack Obama, with no evidence, of wiretapping him in Trump Tower

Travel Ban 2 also fails, still widely viewed as the "Ban on Muslims" that Trump campaigned on

Trump withdraws US from Trans Pacific Partnership treaty
Apr 2017
Trump meets with China's Xi, declares  "after listening for 10 minutes, {N. Korea}'s not so easy"

Another failed "repeal and replace" attempt
May 2017
Trump fires FBI Director Comey, allegedly following Rosenstein recommendation re: Clinton 

Trump meets Russian diplomats in White House and shares intelligence secrets

Trump also tells Russian diplomats that firing Comey reduces pressure of Russia matters

Yates says she warned White House of Flynn's blackmail vulnerability 18 days before his firing

Trump tells Lester Holt he decided to fire Comey because of Russia (before Rosenstein reco)

It is revealed that Trump had asked Comey for his "loyalty" in a private dinner in January

It is revealed Trump asked Coats, Rogers to publicly say no evidence of Russia/Trump collusion

Trump oafishly shoves Prime Minister of Montenegro to get featured position in photo op

Trump clumsily offends NATO and G-7 allies, demanding greater defense spending
Jun 2017
Trump exits from Paris Climate Accords
Jul 2017
Trump says Mika Brzezinski was "bleeding badly from a facelift" when he saw her in January

Trump retweets a video that shows a cartoonish Trump wrestling a CNN reporter to the ground

Trump meets with Putin and accepts his denials about Russia involvment in 2016 U.S. elections

It is revealed that Trump, Jr., Manafort, Kushner met with Russians to get dirt on Clinton in 2016

Trump issues misleading statement on Trump, Jr/Russia meeting

Anthony Scaramucci hired/fired as White House Communications Director in just 10 days

Another sloppy attempt to "repeal/replace" Obamacare fails with McCain's famous "thumbs down"

Trump begins public humiliation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Trump tweets transgender ban from military without getting any input from Mattis, Joint Chiefs

Trump excoriated for making highly politicized speech to Boy Scouts

Trump tells police "don't be too nice" in treatment of perps, encouraging police violence
Aug 2017
Trump equates racist Neo-Nazi marchers with their adversaries after Charlottesville riots

It is revealed that Trump asked Mexican president to stop saying Mexico would not pay for Wall

Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who had been convicted for contempt of court

Revelation that Trump fixer Michael Cohen talked to Russia in 2016 about a Moscow Trump hotel
Sep 2017
"Repeal and replace" efforts fail yet again

Trump calls Kim Jong-un"Little Rocket Man" for first time, ratchets up war rhetoric

Trump says Puerto Rico "wants everything done for them" after devastation of Hurrican Maria

HHS Scretary Tom Price is forced to resign after brief, scandal-ridden reign

During Puerto Rico disaster, Trump rips NFL players for kneeling to protest the national anthem
Oct 2017
Papadopoulus pleads guilty to lying to FBI; he colluded with Russia as Trump campaign member

Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and aide Rick Gates are indicted in Mueller investigation

Trump attacks widow of soldier killed in Niger over her negative reaction to his "condolence" call

#MeToo movement explodes as Wenstein revelations recall Trump's long sexual assault history

Trump insensitively tosses paper towels to victims of devastation in Puerto Rico
Nov 2017
Trump calls Warren "Pocahantas" (again), this time during ceremony honoring Navajo veterans

Trump tells aides that the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape may be fraudulent

Trump once again doubts Obama was born in the United States

Trump retweets videos depicting violence by Muslims originally shared by British extremist group
Dec 2017
Trump announces U.S. will move embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Trump defends, endorses Roy Moore, the GOP Alabama Senate candidate and sexual assaulter

GOP passes and Trump signs unpopular tax law that grossly favors the wealthy
Jan 2018
Trump asks why "all these people from shithole countries come" to U.S., meaning Africa, Haiti

"Fire and Fury" is published with many revelations about the dysfunctional Trump White House

Revelation of Trump affair with Stormy Daniels, their pre-2016 election NDA, the $130K payment

Trump tweets he has a "Nuclear Button that is much bigger & more powerful" than Kim Jong-un's

Trump refers to himself as "a very stable genius"
Feb 2018
Trump scheduler Rob Porter fired after both his ex-wives revealed he was an abuser

Hope Hicks testified that she told "white lies" to protect Trump

It is revealed Hicks was dating Porter while she was defending him, instead of recusing herself

John Kelly looks terrible in revealing conflicting timelines on his handling of the Porter mess

NSA Chief Rogers says that Trump never asked him to confront Russians on election meddling

Immigration reforms fails, and the Dreamers remain unprotected

After Parkland, Florida school shooting, Trump suggests that we arm teachers as a solution

Trump also says that had he been at Parkland High School, he would have subdued the shooter

Revelation of Trump affair with Karen McDougal and "catch and kill" payment to her by AMI
Mar 2018
Trump fires moderate Secretary of State Tillerson and replaces him with far right Pompeo

Trump imposes first tariffs on steel and aluminum products

Trump fires David Shulkin as Veteran Affairs Secretary
Apr 2018
Trump says FBI raid of Michael Cohen's office and homes is "an attack on our country"

Trump pardons Scooter Libby, who outed CIA undercover agent

Nikki Haley accounces Russia sanctions; White House reneges, infuriating Haley

Trump announces personal doctor Jackson will replace Shulkin; clearly unfit, he soon withdraws
May 2018
Trump pardons conservative commentator, flouts process; floats pardoning Stewart, Blagojevich

Trump replaces Cobb with Giuliani, who embarks on smear campaign of Mueller investigation

Trump exits Iran deal that traded lifting sanctions for eliminating Iran's nuclear program

Trump begins trade war with China
Jun 2018
Trump, in summit with Kim Jong-un, agrees to stop U.S./S. Korea war games, gets nothing for it

Trump's inhuman "zero tolerance" immigration policy results in separating children from parents

Trump says Russia should be readmitted to G-7

Trump refuses to sign G-7 agreements and berates Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Jul 2018
Trump fires EPA head Pruitt after months of defending him, despite massive ethics violations

Trump nominates arch-conservative Kavanaugh to SCOTUS, to replace more moderate Kennedy

Trump hires Shine as Communications Director; Shine was fired by FOX for sexual harassment

Trump says Germany is "a captive of Russia" by virtue of Germany's use of Russian oil

Trump attacks British Prime Minister Theresa May on her own soil for her Brexit exit policies

Trump refers to himself again as "a very stable genius"

Trump backs Putin on no Russian election meddling at disastrous Helsinki summit "presser"

Trump reverses himself on Russia election meddling; said "wouldn't," says he meant "would"

Trump threatens to remove security clearances from former top officials who criticize him

Tape revealed of Trump, Cohen discussing McDougall payments; undercuts Trump prior denials

Shine bans CNN reporter out of routine Rose Garden event for asking "inappropriate" questions

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