Saturday, October 20, 2012

If I Had a Sense of Humor About Myself, I'd Post These (October 20, 2012)

Let’s poke some fun at pundits, pollsters and election prognosticators!  My daughters sent me the following two links about a day apart, by coincidence.  They are both very funny!

Jon Stewart and friends take a jab at polls, polls of polls and the pundits who love them…

And XKCD hilariously exposes every shred of election precedent wisdom since George Washington’s time (much like my claim that a Republican has to win the South Carolina primary to get the nomination, which Mitt Romney’s disproved this year)…

And this one is unrelated to the above topic, but is priceless.  Thanks to Eric, Betsy S. and Joe who all sent it to me…finally, the full explanation of how Romney’s tax plan adds up…check it out...

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  1. So I was on the elevator with MoDo, and she surprisingly turned to me and said "who are these self-deluded Gardners?" Why do they persist in not seeing the obvious flaws in their petulant, self-pitying and passive socialist hero?

    I was left speechless, but then I read this


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