Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Song Parody: I Am Barack, I Need Ohio (October 30, 2012)

We may not have power, but www.obameter2012.com is far from powerless!

A week to go…and we count it down first with a song parody about what may be going through Obama’s mind right now…to the tune of Simon & Garfunkle’s classic, “I Am a Rock (I Am An Island)” we give you….”I Am Barack….I Need Ohio”…..

Election Day
The first Tuesday in November
I am ahead
Gazing at my spreadsheet, two columns and a row
I can tell my lead is thin over my foe
I am Barack
I need Ohiiiiiii-o

My team calls
Raised money by the billions
To keep up with Mitt’s Super PACs
I got turned down by Wall Street; Wall Street’s such a pain
I can’t outspend Mitt Romney like McCain
I am Barack
I need Ohiiiiiii-o

Don’t talk of Florida
Oh I won that state before
But winning there’s just a memory
I’ll carry Colorado -- and Nevada, too
But to make two-hundred seventy come true
I am Barack
I need Ohiiiiiii-o

I have my Ax
And Messina to protect me
I am wielding all my power
Fighting against gloom, so one-term ain’t my doom
I (now) punch Romney when he punches me
I am Barack
I need Ohiiiiiii-o

I’m Barack and I’m game…
And Ohio is the prize

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