Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Debate Stuff to Amuse and Amaze (October 14, 2012)

The debates continue to be the talk of the town, and I’ve put together a variety of items relating to them (most of them from you) -- for your interest, amusement and amazement.  Enjoy!

On September 26, exactly one week before the first Presidential debate, Joe R. sent me an article by Robert Wright in the Atlantic, agreeing with its substance as follows:  “I think this will happen too.”  Here is the article…it is remarkable for its accurate foreshadowing of what happened a week later.

Fran had this terrific line the day after the first Presidential debate:  “Obama should have let Romney talk to an empty chair and taken Michelle out to dinner!”  I think the editors of The New Yorker must have overheard her, because here was their debate cover that week….

Joe R. also sent me a YouTube video that takes on many of Mitt Romney’s untruths in that first debate….

In the VP debate, Joe Biden reminded Paul Ryan (and us) that Ryan had requested money under the Obama stimulus program that he, Ryan, had and has been publicly scorning.  (HuffPo now tells us he also requested money from Obamacare!)  Here are various actual letters Ryan wrote…

Also in the VP debate, Joe Biden suggested that we all look at the infamous Romney “47 percent video" if you haven’t as yet.  Have you?  It’s really hard to watch this and conclude that he simply misspoke and even spoke "inelegantly."  Romney expresses some very visceral and contemptuous feelings about, well, 47% of our country…take a look and a listen if you haven’t yet…

Finally, not debate-related, but both Betsy and Soni sent me another world class song parody, this one to “One Day More” from Les Miserables, aptly titled “One Term More”…

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